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how to earn and save money

  • how to earn and save moneyAthletes would have to notify universities 15 days ahead of signing endorsement ..

Athletes would have to notify universities 15 days ahead of signing endorsement contracts. The Senate Workforce and Higher Education Committee approved the bill Tuesday, the same day Ohio State University football coach Ryan Day testified that quick passage was needed to ensure other states with similar legislation would not put Ohio schools at a recruiting disadvantage.

They cannot endorse gambling or illegal firearms and from engaging in commercial activities which contradict institutional honor codes. Athletes will be required to take part and attend a literacy and life skills workshop of at least five hours at the beginning of the students’ first and third academic years at their schools. The workshops would include information about financial aid, debt management and budgeting.

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Corporate taxes, however, have plummeted in recent decades in what has become a golden age of corporate tax avoidance. By sending profits abroad, companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple have often paid little or no U.S. corporate tax.

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